Vanity Plate - On The Offs

Vanity Plate - On The Offs

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About This Album

On The Offs is a sultry, groovy 10-song LP by the musical group Vanity Plate, which combines touches of jazz, downtempo, electropop, synthwave, and many other musical styles into one very chilled out whole!   

Written by co-creators of Vanity Plate, Young Coconut and Jillian Bond, and produced and arranged by Iranian producer Navid Hamidi, this album came together over the course of a year of creative toil. 

Jillian, the lead singer, is definitely at the forefront of the sound of this, and all of the Vanity Plate LP's, of which there are so far just two.

How did it all come about? YC and Jillian concocting the song structures, melodies, and words, and Navid providing his arranging skills and production technique to achieve a very special result.

All in all, what we have here is a very original sounding album that the band hopes anyone can get enjoyment out of, any time of year, providing some mood for your activities, whatever they might be. 

Here you can listen to the entire album on Youtube Music:

What Is Included With Your Purchase

With the purchase of this album, you get in your download file (which comes as a .zip file):

  • 1 copy of the album in MP3 format
  • 1 copy of the album in WAV format
  • 1 copy of the album in M4R (ringtone) format
  • 1 copy of the album in MP3 format, but instrumental (no vocals)
  • 1 bonus 4-song EP called Altered Beast, in MP3 format (.zip file).  Altered Beast is done in Sega Megadrive style and features 4 wild versions of Young Coconut classic cuts.
  • 1 one-time discount code for any order off of which features original tee shirt designs featuring offbeat artwork, aliens, and other stuff
  • 1 album cover image (jpg)
  • *An old school "Read Me" file also comes with this package to provide a few extra notes

Post Purchase

This album is designed to be downloaded to a laptop or desktop computer, but can be synched with your smart phone easily, using your choice of music player apps.

Once you purchase, you have two download options - one from the download page which follows you purchasing the album, and one via an email link. 

You can use email download link at any time, but the download from this website you should download upon purchase. 

If you have any questions, please check the Read Me file which comes with the download, which leads to the admin email of this website.  You are welcome to email us anytime, and we will reply as soon as possible.  

We really hope you enjoy this album!