The Approachables - On Sound Stage Mountain

The Approachables - On Sound Stage Mountain

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On Sound Stage Mountain by The Approachables is the first LP by the South-western Ontario band that came out post-band-breakup of 2002, around 2012 (10 years late).

The songs themselves had been floating around since the bands' heyday of 2000-2001, and were never properly recorded.  This album had been preceded by a number of EP's, like Comin' Off Lies Like A Dirty Soap, and Asleep On The Beach, which both came out in 2000 or thereabouts.

Young Coconut, one sixth of the band, and the most obsessed with the bands back-catalog, eventually rounded up the band while they still had some concept of what the songs were, musically, and they each recorded their parts in a piece-meal style until the album was finally completed.  Again, this all took place long after they'd given up on their rock "career", which, to be honest, never really got beyond where the band was born - Kitchener, at Kelsey's on Victoria St. to be specific.

That said, On Sound Stage Mountain was definitely a band effort, and in Approachables fashion, the album name and artwork was put to a vote.  Ben's name, "On Sound Stage Mountain", won out for the album title, and Phil Delisle's artwork was the unanimous choice for the art.

The track list was basically a best-of, according to the songs that the band liked to play:

1. Good Streets

2. Shore Leavin'

3. Strange Attractor

4. Five Flings

5. Sex Demon

6. Apple Betty

7. The Very Real Threat of Dogs

8. Surprised

9. Silver V

These 9 songs basically lay out what the band was all about - poppy songs which were part grunge, part punk, with overtones of progressive rock and psychedelic rock.  The influences on the band were many - too many to name here.

After the album was done, Young Coconut waited a few more years before delving into the sequel to the debut LP of the band, since there were plenty more songs that deserved representation, which then became, in 2015, Cemetery Sweets...