The Approachables - Get Afta Dat Chedda

The Approachables - Get Afta Dat Chedda

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About This Album

Get Afta Dat Chedda is the 5th full length LP by inscrutable indie rock band, The Approachables.  

Hailing from Canada, the band was formerly a part of the Canadian indie music label, Fauxtown Records, before that label seemingly vanished without a trace.  This left the band without representation, as the world had turned, and left them behind.

To be perfectly honest, the band has been battling a number of demons since it's inception in the year 2000.  That said, if there's one thing The Approachables know how to do, it's write songs.

But much time has passed...

It is now 2020, and a lot has changed since the band formed in 2000, before the digital revolution and much else.

Enter Iranian music producer, Navid Hamidi, who, via some online interaction, stumbles upon group member Young Coconut.  The two stalwart sonic songsmiths forge a bond between the elusive group, the songs, and Navid's own detail-oriented style of music production, which tends towards the nuanced and spacious.

When it comes to The Approachables, "modern" production is somewhat counter to the anachronistic playing and recording methods.  So, stalemate. Or is it?

Slow but sure, Navid finds his place in the sonic assault of these garage rock anthems, reaching a tenuous balance, even adding vocals of his own into the mix upon request.

Here is a sample of early work by The Approachables, with a song called "Apple Betty", named after a baked good.


The result of the Navid / Approachables combo, some have said, is "pure sonic bliss", while others still have their doubts that the entire enterprise "worked". 

With songs like "Nightbake" and "The Handshake That Never Ends", it's hard to know what to make of such compositions, if just to say, they are packed with energy and spirit.

What Comes With Your Purchase

  • 1 copy of the 11-song album in MP3 format
  • 1 copy of the 11-song album in WAV format
  • 1 copy of the 11-song album in M4R (ringtone) form
  • 1 bonus 4-song EP called Altered Beast, in MP3 format.  Altered Beast is done in a chiptune style (Sega Megadrive) and features 4 very unique arrangements of Young Coconut songs by Jacob Sohler, a chiptune artist from Utah.
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We really hope you enjoy this album!